Large-scale Graduate Induction Event

An introduction to leadership principles in a unique and motivational environment as part of a graduate induction programme for a global bank
Photo of a woman standing up giving a lecture to a group of seated men

The Objective

As part of its innovative culture, the client wanted to ensure its graduate induction programme was as original as it was informative, as memorable as it was instructional. They required a leadership element to the programme, and wanted to ensure that it would introduce the concepts in a manner and environment that fulfilled both the learning objectives and the cognitive ones.

They wanted an element that would not only introduce the skills, but also act as a way of engaging and motivating the new graduate intake as they began their careers.

An introduction to leadership principles in a unique and motivational environment as part of a graduate induction programme for a global bank

Our Solution

IDG worked closely with the client to create a programme that ensured that the right messages were delivered at the right moment, in the correct context of both the business objectives and the induction programme itself. IDG designed an experiential learning event with the objective of raising the participant’s knowledge and awareness of the gains to be made by collaborative working, long-term strategic thinking, commercial awareness and “doing the right thing”.

Held over two days, all 250+ graduates were transported to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS), an institution synonymous with leadership excellence. IDG’s partnership with RMAS enabled us to host our clients in a completely different and refreshing environment to both corporate life and standard training courses.

After an initial briefing, the graduates were split into random, multi-functional, cross-territorial teams. Each team then experienced a series of activities, tutorials, events and discussions that fulfilled the learning objectives in challenging and stimulating ways.



The Results

The programme has subsequently been renewed each year since its initial inception. It is flexible enough to adapt to the size of the intake which depends on the size of the recruitment drive.

The Kirkpatrick results have been extremely encouraging and the balance of input, reflection and practical activities has enabled the delegates to engage with the programme and take away some key lessons for their future careers.

Some of the learning objectives met by the programme include:

  • Introduce the graduates to working in diverse teams.
  • Introduce the graduates to some of the skills they will need for their roles, including: research, sales, financial analysis/management, presentation/pitching.
  • Give the graduates an appreciation of the global aspect of their work.
  • Ensure the graduates understand what leadership means to the organisation.
  • Introduce the graduates to the concept of effective followership, including:
  • Explore the role of personal values and how they interact with leadership and followership.
  • Understand how to collaborate in teams effectively and to be a positive team player.
  • Examine how to handle differences of opinion.



“It was a new experience for us and we were enthusiastic about the idea of bringing diverse people together on a common platform. It was a great balance of individual development and team building. I really enjoyed the learning process and I look forward to more such programmes in the future.”


“The training at Sandhurst was the most inspiring and challenging. There were exercises for me to identify my weaknesses and how to improve on them. The leadership training was very helpful in helping me prepare for my roles in future.”