High Performing Teams – One Day Programme

A high-energy, intensive programme designed to improve communication, collaboration and engagement of a diverse team with high expectations of itself
Photo of a woman standing up giving a lecture to a group of seated men

The Objective

IDG were asked by the Capital Markets division of a leading financial services organisation to design and deliver a 1 day team-building programme.

The client is one of the world’s leading financial services firms, operating in over 100 countries for over 200 million clients. The team were a diverse group located in London, the United States and the Middle East and as such they faced significant barriers to becoming a ‘High Performing Team’.

IDG designed a programme aimed at facilitating a better understanding between team members of the challenges each face in their daily work life. The programme aimed to use a balance of practical activities and theory to focus the considerable talent of individual delegates onto delivering excellence through improved team working behaviours.

A high-energy, intensive programme designed to improve communication, collaboration and engagement of a diverse team with high expectations of itself

Our Solution

IDG delivered a one day programme at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. On arrival delegates were introduced to team working and communication best practice messages from the Military. This best practice was then embedded through a series of mentally and physically challenging team development activities, including command tasks and an assault course. The team’s practical experience was then augmented through a discussion of team development theory, in particular Tuckman’s High-Performing Teams theory and Woodcock’s concept of teamwork building blocks.

The afternoon was dedicated to making this learning concretely applicable to the delegates’ everyday work; free from the normal constraints and pressures of the workplace, they spent time in business discussions based on the morning’s experiences. In the evening, the delegates were taken on a tour of the Academy and listened to a speech from Lieutenant Colonel Tom McMurtrie discussing his experience of High Performing Teams in an operational situation. The day was brought to a close with a Sandhurst prestige dinner and an opportunity for further networking.

The Results

The average Kirkpatrick evaluation results for the programme are shown here. More importantly for us, the verbatim feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Delegates have expressed a desire for future programmes for themselves and their teams, and suggested that the programme be expanded to include other branches of the organisation.

We are currently in discussions with the client about how best to make this happen.



“I was convinced when the opportunity became available that it might be a unique environment into which we could bring the team together. I had no idea what a glorious understatement that turned out to be…I have already and will certainly continue to tell colleagues, what a unique environment IDG creates for this type of event and hope that we can do it again in the future.”
Co-head of Capital Markets