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Short, intensive learning for your organization. Leadership development programes in relevant, contemporary subjects. Innovative, first-class delivery

Improve human performance in your organization with Leadership Masterclasses

Rapidly develop your people’s capabilities and skills in relevant subject areas.

Inspire a collaborative culture that can deliver your organization’s goals by incorpating key leadership behaviours into their skillset.

Short, intensive, memorable interventions that focus on specific leadership development areas, such as Influencing, Wellbeing, Critical Thinking and Communication.

Designed for teams or groups of individuals, Masterclasses are a cost-efficient way of bringing them together to learn the same skills at the same time.

Choose a single masterclass, mix and match several, or design a whole suite – they are built to be flexible to meet your development needs.

Learning is embedded using the latest experiential techniques, and delivered in the environment you prefer: face-to-face, online, virtual or blended.

Prices start at £1,700 for one half-day masterclass, or £2,500 for a full day incorporating two classes. With a maximum number of attendees for each Masterclass of 16 the cost per attendee is as low as £106.

Scroll down to discover which subjects we offer. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch, we are constantly developing new areas and may have just want you need ready to go.

Suite 1: Personal Effectiveness

This suite of classes focuses on the self and achieving optimum human performance. Whether it is building the ability to thrive in difficult situations, creating an open mindset that finds innovative solutions, or learning how to look after yourself properly so you perform at your optimum.

Each of these classes leads the participants towards better performance as a leader and team member whilst identifying the organisational benefits of their increased effectiveness.


Building Resilience

Studies show that people who are Resilient have a number of things in common. They demonstrate control – a belief in their ability to take charge of the controllable aspects of their situation and influence a positive outcome. They consider setbacks as a challenge – they view mistakes as opportunities for new learning and change as potential for growth. They show commitment – an active engagement in studies and work and other pursuits that provides a basis of meaning for their lives. This programme provides participants with the tools to be able to:

  • Adapt to stressful situations
  • Deal with everyday challenges
  • Bounce back and then forward from adversity without lasting difficulties
  • Steer through major crises
  • Deliver consistently over long periods of time and under significant pressure

The Art of Persuasion

In addition to understanding the person that you are trying to influence, there are context and relational factors that affect our ability to influence. This session introduces some of those tools and explores them in the context of the organisation.

This half-day programme provides participants with the opportunity to:

  • Be aware of which influencing strategies they do most of and least of
  • Understand the implications of different ways of influencing others
  • Apply the skills of listening, enquiry and dialogue to effectively influence others
  • Create strategies to influence stakeholders more effectively

Influencing Others

This Masterclass is coming soon – contact us to register your interest.


Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is a core competency for success in the 21st century – the ability to make sense of the vast amount of information that is available will only become more valuable. Critical thinkers find innovative solutions, not just straightforward answers. They make sound judgements based on the minimum of information and come up with more than one solution to problems. Where possible, they make the complex simple.

This half-day programme looks at the core skills of critical thinking, and offers participants the opportunity to:

  • Apply a structured approach to critical thinking
  • Explore – and learn to minimize the impact of – biases and heuristics that affect our decisions
  • Re-frame issues successfully
  • Explore the difference between facts, assumptions and knowledge gaps

Personal Wellbeing

This Masterclass is coming soon – contact us to register your interest.

Suite 2: Knowing Yourself and Your People

Evaluation and reflection are core capabilities of the modern leader. Diagnostics are invaluable in finding out why people behave the way they do and providing the data that can drive better human performance and collaboration.

The key to the effective use of diagnostics is in the understanding, interpretation and application of their results. This suite of classes introduce world-renowned tools for analysing behaviours, personalities and drivers and guide participants through what it all means, and what they should do now.


Understanding Preference using DiSC

The DiSC model is a simple tool that’s been helping people to connect better for over thirty years. Using four simple styles – D, i, S and C – the model helps individuals understand how others’ preferences lead to them seeing the world differently – and therefore behaving differently as well.

This one-day programme offers learners the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the DiSC model
  • Identify their style and explore the priorities that drive them
  • Discover the similarities and differences among the DiSC styles
  • Identify the challenges of working with other DiSC styles
  • Use the DiSC model to understand others that they work with
  • Build more effective working relationships

Working with Difference using MBTI

MBTI (the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®) – is the world’s most widely used personality instrument. This one-day programme uses MBTI to explore how behaviour is influenced by our preferences and how these can have an impact on our relationships with colleagues and stakeholders. The MBTI works with invisible elements of difference and can therefore help us understand how widely difference can be interpreted.

This programme offers participants the opportunity to:

  • Understand the drivers behind our own behaviour
  • Appreciate the value the different preferences bring
  • Learn to adapt their behaviour to get the best out of others who have different preferences
  • Maximise the value of difference for the benefit of the team and the wider organization

Play to your Strengths using SDI

Research over the past 2 decades has shown that strengths – the natural qualities that energise and excite you the most – provide us with the greatest opportunities for development and growth. They are the areas that – with deliberate practice to build skill, knowledge and experience – will allow us to achieve peak performance.

This one-day programme takes a strengths-based view of development and provides participants with the opportunity to:

  • Improve Performance by using strengths to increase their energy for tasks
  • Increase Agility by adapting their strengths to the needs of the situation
  • Build Confidence in their abilities to deploy their strengths effectively
  • Increase their Engagement by actively choosing work that plays to their strengths

VR Team Building

Fun. With a purpose.

Looking for a half-day team-building event with a difference?
Our VR programme will test and develop your teams collaboration and leadership skills. Underpinned by science, the simulation has a linked psychometric that produces actionable insights around communication, trust and collaboration for you and your team. It’s been specifically designed to get a fresh perspective on your team by placing them in an alien environment – literally.

Our immersive VR programme is a leadership development experience like no other!

Suite 3: Communication

Getting the message across effectively regardless of the audience or channel is a core competency for the modern leader. Doing it in a compelling, impactful way that ensures understanding and buy-in.

These classes were developed using our decades-long experience of presenting allied with IDG’s continuing commitment to being innovative and stimulating. They provide skills that can be utilised regardless of personality type to ensure that the participant’s communication is clear, confident and inspiring.


Essential Communication Skills

21st century communication comes in many forms and with many audiences, including colleagues, clients and suppliers. We communicate all the time, but familiarity can easily blunt impact and effectiveness.

This high impact programme focuses on how to make all communication more persuasive and effective by making sure you initially get the attention of the recipient and then communicate your message clearly. It offers participants the opportunity to:

  • Establish the link between communication and personal reputation
  • Identify and overcome the barriers to effective communication
  • Understand the needs of the communication recipient – and adapt their style and content accordingly
  • Choose the right medium to maximize the effectiveness of the communication

Presenting with Impact

The ability to present credibly and persuasively is vital to organisational life. This programme breaks down the skills of effective presentations using a unique IDG view, balancing four interdependent elements to improve the impact of any presentation. Each of these is explored in turn to provide practical solutions for improving the impact of presentations.

This intensive course will provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • Understand a four-element model of presenting (logical structure, personal presence, delivery flair and lasting impression)
  • Improve their confidence and competence in presenting to groups of varying sizes
  • Develop versatility in presentation style
  • Manage the additional elements that make a presentation a success (including handling questions and managing the audience)


This programme helps participants:

  • Use storytelling as an effective business tool
  • Use the secrets of movies to make their stories compelling
  • Structure stories and anecdotes to be memorable for the right reasons
  • Shape the stories that others tell about them

Presenting Virtually

This Masterclass is coming soon – contact us to register your interest.


Presenting to Senior Leaders

This Masterclass is coming soon – contact us to register your interest.

“Every delegate is able to state very clearly exactly what they will do differently when they return to work. Subsequently, they are able to relate tangible business benefits as a result of their improved leadership skills.”

Paul Sealy

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IDG India
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+91 955 271 5800

IDG Middle East
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